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OMG! I know I haven't posted in SOOOO LONNNG BUT...

I've got like 60ish days until we leave!! I can't BELIEVE how quickly this thing has come along! I bought a wedding dress n now just have to get it altered. I can't WAIT to wear it. We have ALL our reservations now! I KNOW where I will be while I'm in Vegas, NM, Cali and Oregon. So if you are anywhere inbetween San Antonio and Astoria Oregon and would like to see me, nows the time to say lol. I don't think I'll be making any sort of EPIC trip like this in any foreseeable future!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Let me know if you wanna see me n I can work out some details :o)


Kasey took a pic of me in my dress. YES, Im AWARE I'm SUPER FAT (not to mention fairly ugly in this picture)!!! LMAO My GOD WHAT IS my face DOING????? But fats what happens when you can't move anymore. (ETA: I bet not many of my online friends have actually ever SEEN a FULL LENGTH picture of me! Welll... THERE YA GO! I'm beyond giving a shit anymore about who thinks what! YAY!!! Thank GOD I'm "over it!"... ehhh for the most part anyway! Had you asked me three days ago that might not have been my stance hahaha) I went to Costco and Petsmart today n now I'm totally unable to MOVE! It will be a day before I"m able to move again! Imma start working out like a MADWOMAN even IF it KILLS ME!!! and IT MAY! Since I truely am handicaped now lol. I donno what to do about my dress though cause if I lose weight its not gonna fit! The stupid sales lady wanted to sell me a dress that took her, Kasey and an ACT OF GOD to get me into n said to me "oh honey, every bride wants their dress two sizes too small!!" MY GOD!!! NO WONDER SOOOOO MANY PASS OUT!!! NO FREAKING THANK YOU!!!! Ive got a hard enough time breathing with Houstons air quality and my asthma! I DON'T NEED a dress that I'm SQUEEZED into to make me feel like SHIT on one of the most exciting days of my life!!! Forget that! I'll take looking like a big ol fluffy marshmellow over passing out ANY DAY!!! We got new rings too! WEll, mine is not really NEW NEW. The setting is new and we added two diamonds to my old diamond from my Gmas ring. We wanted my old ring to be part of the new ring so thats how we did it. Matt never actually had a ring with our marraige so he has one now... well not till our renewal really but he will be wearing it after that. We decided it would be bad bad luck to wear the rings now before the wedding so we are not wearing any rings. Im wearing a ring I had because honestly after 15yrs of wearing my ring I feel NAKED without it!

Here is our rings....I feel the need to mention that the one wonky diamond isnt really wonky at all and thats just that way in the picture because of light refracting and angle blah blah whatever. I promise its all AMAZING! I couldn't be more happy with my new bigger lil diamond ring lol. Don't ask me "how many karrats" because I have NO CLUE! hahaha! I never asked though in hindsight since everyone is asking, I should've! I only know it took me FOREVER digging thru a lil jar of diamonds for like an HOUR to pick out the other two to go with my one. As long as I'm confessing... I had an urge to DRINK/SWALLOW all those diamonds just to see what would happen!!! HAHAHAHA!

Arent they the BEES KNEES??? I had my ring custom made by this KICK ASS jeweler!! It is called Wrights Pawn on Westheimer if you're here in the Houston area. They're right near Voss and Westheimer. AWESOME PLACE!!! The jewelers name is Connie and she is AMAZING!!! The owner Pamala Wright was SOOOO SOOO NICE! She made me feel SUPER important when all I was doing was having a little 1500$ ring made and we bought a lil 500$ band for Matt and she made us FEEL like we were spending a MILLION $$$s! She was JUST SO NICE! It wasjust such a great experience and I'm so glad we chose them.

Pamala was excited for us because her and Mr Wright (or is it mr right??? lmao) were married in Vegas so she was excited to hear we're renewing for our 15th anniversary in Vegas. Im starting to get really nervous about the whole thing because I've never really been away from my family and this time I'll be gone for a LONNNNNNG TIME andd will DEFINITELY be away! I'm sure it'll all work out though! CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT! YAY!
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