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Cookin with the Gabster

We made this soup ~~>,1977,FOOD_9936_119755,00.html. She chopped celery, peeled and chopped potatoes, she stirred, she coated, we have a super good time :o) She told me I need my own show on the Food Network lmao. I want to cook with her more often. She never wanted to do it before, now all the sudden she's all about cooking with me. She has a Drs appt. today and so do I at like the exact same time so, her Mimi took her to her appt. She started crying because she thought she'd miss eating the soup she worked so hard on. I promised I'd bring her some because tonight is also her night to stay at Mimis. Its the only way she can get to school and I can get to work on time on the days I work. Thank the lorf I don't have to work so much so she can actually LIVE at home where she BELONGS! I hated having her at the inlaws so freaking much! I wish I could quit work altogether but, unfortunately since I got sick I've got so many meds and Drs I have to pay for. Isn't it stupid that work makes me sick and I have to work so I can pay my medical bills? Isn't that some sort of retarded circle? I got a job offer at a cat hospital but I doubt I could take my dogs to work with me and I'm REALLY allergic to cats especially! RARR!
Gabby cooking... yes it IS a mess! and I don't care :oP

Bindi and Duckie


Play dead!

Bindi is almost a "mini Corgi." She's so small! This is a size reference with Phoebe

"Im ready for my closeup!"
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