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Dear Duckie

Duckie (AKA Duchess Delilah Fritsche)
Jan. 7, 2004 - June 17, 2009

(just so you don't worry, I took this pic like last year or something and she's only SLEEPING in this pic. In fact, the pics title is "DuckieDogSleeping" ok?)

You were my best friend. The best friend anyone could have ever asked for. You were there for me in my good times and my bad. You helped me thru so many rough days in the short time I was allowed to have you as my friend. I cherish EVERY moment we had together. I hope you're happy and not hurting where you are now. I hope you have endless amounts of steak flavored rope bones and squeaky AirDog tennis balls! I will miss you SO MUCH my sweet Duckie girl. I know we'll be together again someday. I hope you know how very much you were loved and how much you will be missed. Thank you so much for trying to stay with me for so long. You were a BRAVE girl! I'll be ok, I didn't want you to be in pain or be suffering anymore. I understand why you let go. I'm not mad. I'm proud of you Duckie. I'm so very proud of you. You were a very good girl and I couldn't have had a better friend. We will all miss you TONS and I'll never forget you. Remember the time you bit Daddy because he was wrestling with me and you always hated when he did that? I was so proud of you! You made me laugh even though daddy didn't think it was so funny! You growled just like a big bear at him and were so serious until I laughed so hard it made you laugh! Remember the time that city inspector guy was in the back yard and you made him scream? OMG I almost PEED myself it was SOOOO FUNNY! hahahaha! Remember all the good times we had? Remember how you'd play with your squeaky balls at night and Daddy would say "for the love of god! I'm tryin to sleep!!" Then I'd have to put your ball on top of the armoire then you'd plot how you were gonna get it back all night? I remember all the times you DID get it back! You were such a smart girl! I remember how fast you learned "shake right/ shake left" and "high five" with GUMMY BEARS because you always had the worlds BIGGEST SWEET TOOTH! I'll miss your big sloppy kisses to make me happy when I'm sad. I'll miss scrunchin up your big floppy lips and then kissing them sayin "KISSYLIPS!!!" Then you laughing so hard! I'll miss putting your xmas elf hat, jinglebell collar and bracelets and you running around the house laughing telling everyone how GREAT you thought they were! I'll NEVER forget how very much you LOVED your sweaters! How you'd prance around the house in them, then pout when Daddy made me take them off you :o( I thought they were ALL ADORABLE! I would've let you wear them forever but they would've made you kinda hot eventually lol. You are going to be missed a lot my sweet Duckie dog! You'll be missed so much more than you know! I keep expecting to hear your voice. I'm so glad I have videos of you. I'm so glad I remembered to take LOTS of pictures of you growing up. We made lots of memories together and it makes me very happy to know I can look back at those memories in pics and videos. When I miss you the most I can just watch a video and remember you. I just can't believe you're gone. We'll see each other again some day. Until then I will miss you so very much Duckie. Have fun up there ok? I love you so very much and miss you terribly already my Duck dog! *kisses*

I know you and Lunar are happy up there and waiting for me. Don't forget to say hi for me OK?
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