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Why is god punishing me?

I have lost a lot lately. It seems it all has happened since I decided to give god another shot. All this god does is TAKE and TAKE. I'm DONE! DONE DONE DONE!

I loved you from the moment I saw you. You were playful and shy at the same time. I remember how skiddish you were for the longest time and how any lil noise would make you jump 10ft in the air. How we laughed and laughed. How you eventually realized no one would ever hurt you again. I loved how you greated me every moring with you're cute lil meow. I loved how you were ALWAYS the first to greet me at the door every time I came home. I loved your chunky body, your big bones, your huge paws and gianormous eyes! I loved the swirls on your side. I loved how you were so big but your voice totally reminded me of Mike Tyson. I loved how you let me bathe you every week and never complained or tried to bite me, scratch me or ANYTHING. Though I only got to have you in my life for a short 7 years, I loved every minute of that time with you. You've been a very good kitty and your family will miss you so very much. I'm so sorry that I couldn't make you better. I'm so sorry that we made you go thru surgery and it didn't help. I hope that you didn't suffer too much. I hope we did the right thing. I wish I knew if you thought I made the right decission this morning (sat morning) when I took you to the ER. I hope I did it right. I will miss you my lil bowling ball Buddah boy! I love you Lunar I love you so much. I hope you forgive me for not seeing that you were sick sooner. I'm so sorry I'm soo so sorry! :o( I hope you loved the life we gave you as much as we loved having you in our lives. Even if only for such a short time. You will be missed so much. Way more than you probably know.
I'm also sorry I don't have a better pic to memorialize you by but since I don't have a comp right now this was the best I could do buddy.

Lunar Graystack Melville

I hope your havin a great time wherever you are now. Chasing birds, mice and lizzards. Playing with Thomas, Smog, Runkus, and ZZ. Say "hi" for me! Love you n miss you lots already my Luna Goona! :o*
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