Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas (manicmandi) wrote,
Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas

Do you smell what I smell?

If you've ever wondered what the aftermath of a hurricane smells like, I can tell you, it smells like burning gasoline. The gasoline used to fuel the generators that litter the lawns of all my neighbors... and their neighbors neighbors... and mine too.
Day 12 and no sign that Centerpoint is doing much of anything to correct 1.4 million people still without power. A third of this city doesn't have power. I think that's a pretty big damn deal.
Today was less humid (49% humidity) and I'm able to handle it better. I pray for tomorrow to be so kind. Even though the high was 89* it felt much cooler to me without the air being so thick. Thick and sticky! I'm SICK of sweating which I didn't do today so, I can be greatful for the break.
Estimated power restoration was Monday and since they didn't meet that deadline they added a new one of Thursday. Guess what they did today though? They moved that deadline to FRIDAY. I'll belive it when I see it! I have no faith that they will meet that deadline either. Their track record isn't so good.
Tonight I'll be able to sleep. With temps in the low 60s and FAR less humidity it will actually be pleasent.... aside from the mosquitos that is.
I grilled some pineapple for my lunch today. It was totally yummy. I recommend it to anyone grilling any time soon. I'll be grilling again tonight lol. I won't be having pineapple again though. Probably yet another round of hot dogs. YAY! *sarcasm*
My sister said she thinks the heat is getting to me. I'm acting "crazy" she said. I'm SUPER dehydrated so I probably AM "crazy." No matter how much I drink I just sweat it right back out. That's another reason I'm greatfull for the lower humidity. I actually think 95* would be ok if the humidity was this low. Its GLORIOUS weather! I envy those of you who live in less humid climates.
No I don't plan to move. Plenty of people live in Cali where earthquakes happen with the same frequency as these hurricanes. The difference is that we can leave before it hits but Cali has no warning. I wish there was a way to predict earthquakes though. Anyway, I'm not leaving because a storm hits here once every 25 years. That's kinda retarded to even consider. We'd have to buy a new house and everything. Matt would have to find a new job... its just not smart. I'm fine to live here and have a storm once in a long while. I only pray that NEXT TIME this city is actually prepared to fix the things that break. My hometown took a lesson from Rita and was super prepared and after the storm. They've already got 97% of allll their total customers, in their entire area including about 20 towns, back online with power, but not us nooooo!
UGH! I KNOW that I'm soooo damn pissy and "dooms day" lately but I can't help it. I'm SICK of living like this. As are the other 1.4 million right along with me. :o(
Just please pray that I (and everyone else) get power back SOON!
You should see the news stories. There was one lastnight about a guy that is "95 years young" and dealing with no power. Its sooooo sad! Lastnight was the first I've seen of TV. We hooked the cable box up to the generator and it ACTUALLY WORKED!!! Ohhhhh I was so EXCITED! TV!!! CIVILIZATION!!!! I'm happy for sure!
Thanks again for being supportive I really appreciat it oodles :o)
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