Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas (manicmandi) wrote,
Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas

10 days later

We STILLLLL don't have power!!! Its been 10 days since Ike hit and they still haven't restored our electricity. I am one of exactly 100 people in my neighborhood who do not have thei power restored. Personally I think its complete and utter BULL SHIT! My mom, who lives in the middle of NO WHERE and my sister who lives way out, have power again. They had told them itd be 8weeks before they had power and they have it before me. I live right outside of downtown Houston. Its to the point of ridiculousness!
Matts company says they aren't going to give them any sort of makeup pay for not being able to go to work because they were without power. My sisters company, who isn't as good of a company as Matts, is giving her two weeks disaster pay. WALMART paid Matt a little disaster pay. But this multi-million $$ company isn't gonna do anything. OK they DID do ONE thing... they let Matt borrow a generator and gave him some gas for it. But, its not very big and won't run the AC. Its soooooooo friggen hot right now! I'm just sick and tired of being so hot and sweaty. My pants stick to me constantly, its REALLY annoying! Matt is back to work now (thank goodness cause we need the $$) so I don't get to get out of this heat during the day.
Mosquitos are TERRIBLE!!! Since we have the windows open (the windows that WILL open that is!) they are eating us alive! I'm hoping my dogs don't end up with heartworms because I haven't taken them to get their new supply of heartgard. Its been a couple of months since they've had it :o( I keep spraying them with spray hoping they won't get bitten. They also need some Comfortis and Advantage or at the VERY least just Advantage. I'd settle for even just some Sentinal. I feel like a bad pet owner. Since I don't have a car though I'm having a hard time getting them to see a vet. Hell, I have a hard enough time getting myself to the dr to get my triplicate refill RXs so that I don't end up in withdrawal and in the hospital.
Anyway I'm off track now. They told me I'd have power by the end of today..... we'll see. I'll believe it when I see it. Honestly I've got no hope of actually having power ever again. Am I being dramatic? Its STUPID! Fourth largest city in the entire US and I'm living like a HOMELESS person with a home. If we lived here with no power under any other situation the city would condem the house and deem it "unfit." Yet when its their fault (not really the city but Reliant/Centerpoint) its like no big damn deal. I'm just SICK of being sweaty!!!!!
My garbage man is the biggest piece of shit alive! This is the second week in a row he is CHOOSING not to pick up my trash. EVERYONE elses trash gets picked up. There is still debris everywhere its hard to put the trash can where there is NOTHING at all near it. He COULD pick it up. He just is too lazy to make the little tiny bit of extra effort to get it. What am I supposed to do with 3 weeks of garbage? I called our 311 hotline thing and bitched but those people don't care. She told me if there is debris and he "feels unsafe" he has a right to not pick it up. She actually told me to haul my trash down the street for him. UMMMM hello stupid ignorant piece of shit... I PAY a LOT for waste disposal and they need to actually DO IT. I should call and have them take it off my bill. In fact I think I will call and have them bring me another trash can since they aren't picking it up. I'm just REALLY frustrated with my city right now. There is a HUGE oak tree in the middle of the road (a few houses down) because they just aren't doing anything to remove any debris from the hurricane. I paid someone to remove the tree from my yard that was in the middle of the road. I'm fed up to here *puts my hand wayyyyyy over my head* FED UP!!!!!!
I hate being so whiney and complaining so much. I'm just soooo hot. I know I've already said that but its like 100* inside my house with those few windows open and at night even with a fan going its hard to sleep cause the fan is only pushing all that hot sticky air around. I can't use a blanket and I'm only wearing a wife beater shirt to bed. I'm constantly spraying myself down, with a mixture of ice water and alcohol, at night to get a lil cooler. All that does is end out making me even more sticky and hot lol. I had to throw out 100's of dollars worth of food because the power was off for so long. I lost EVERTHING (except my liquor) in my frige/freezer.
My truck got flooded so Imma see if maybe I can get money for it lol. I know it wasn't working before but ya... it would be nice, especially since Matts not getting any make-up pay. They did say he could borrow from his next years sick pay and vacation pay to help but, that's all they'll do.
OK, I'm sorry this is so long again. I'll try not to post such long posts but I'm really frustrated and need to vent. *hugs* Thanks again for "listening" to me whine and complain :o)
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