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I made it

We are fine. We lost a lot of tree limbs and our gorgeous Crape Myrtle that had been in our front yard for over 100 years. I'm really just sick about it. My father in law has told me he will buy me TWO new trees to plant in my front yard. I was really happy about that at least.
We have no power. It keeps coming on and all my neighbors scream and whoop and whatnot then it goes back out and I hear them all scream again but, in dissapointment this time.
Its really really hot and humid.I really just want a fan. One of my neighbors has a gernerator and I'm totally jealous. I tried to talk Matt into going out to buy a gernerator but he doesn't want to spend the money. I just heard on the radio that 20 THOUSAND people are without power in my tiny little zip code (77009). I really HATE the fact that it keeps coming on for like five mins and then something else blows and it goes right out again. If its gonna be off just STAY OFF and stop giving me false hope. They're telling us it could be WEEKS before our power comes back on for good. I'm HOTTTTTT! I'm just really a total BITCH when I'm hot. I feel really sorry for Matt cause he has to deal with me.
I have food like PB&J, bread, tuna and water so we aren't starving or anything. I got 2 bags of ice and two days before the storm hit I froze about 40 bottles of water then put them in a cooler with the ice. So at least I have cold drinks. These won't last forever though. My candles are also not going to last much longer. When I have no more candles I won't be able to see at night. My house is starting to get stinky because of the animals. They're sweating and smelling gross so the house is stinking. I just REALLY need some power to get some air circulation in here. I have my windows cracked a lil but I can't open the bottom half (my windows open from the bottom or the top) of my windows because my cats would get out thru the bottom. There is no wind anyway so its not gonna be cooler anyway.
You guys did such a good job praying for us to live thru it, I thought maybe you could pray for everyone to get power again. There are a lot of families who don't have a lot of money but have freezers and friges full of food that will, if not already, go bad soon. Some people have newborn babies (like my neighbors who have premie twins) with no power. There are elderly people who will have heat strokes if they don't get some cool air soon. I'm just really worried everyone will be without power for weeks and weeks like Centerpoint is telling us could be the case. Temps get near the 100s during the day with 95% humidity right now. Its just way too hot to live like this for any amount of time. Just please do some "power" praying for us.
Thanks everyone ;o)
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