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I'm jobless

So ya, they fired me after a year of having me work there. The office managers EXACT words were "you're just too little to do this job." Hello stupid bitch, thats called DISCRIMINATION! Everyone is trying to talk me into getting a lawyer. I don't want to deal with all that shit with them. Three days before they fired me the Dr I teched for said "you are so slow filling out things! Are you dyslexic?" I said "yes I am, is that a problem for you? I have 20 whole mins till the blood is finished spinning and its taken me MAYBE 1 min to fill out this form. I think we're good for now don't you?" There was NOTHING else to do at that time. Just cause she didn't have control over filling out the form she was going to insult me by calling me retarded. Little did she know I AM actually dyslexic. Then to fire me and say its cause I'm too short! Thats fucking ridiculous! Tell me I suck at my job or something but NOT because I'm too short. They put an add out for my job about three months ago. I thought they were going to hire another person because I was doing the work of three people. The Dr is a lesbian and so is her girlfriend that works there. Not that I care but, its relavant cause the girl they hired so they could fire me is a lesbian too. They have a guy there thats been there 20yrs and does NOTHING. Now they'll have a girl there that does NOTHING too just like the other girl they hired (also a lesbian) who sits in the office (she's supposed to be a tech) doing NOTHING all day and only keeps her job cause she's a lesbian. That place only stays in buisness because of the Dr that owned the clinic before. The Dr who owns it now works a WHOLE two days a week and can't handle that. I was the ONLY one working there for over 60hrs a week till it made me sick then they half fired me. They had always treated me like shit. Like an outsider who wasn't part of their lil group. I'm GLAD to be gone. Now the trouble is I'm so messed up health wise that I can't work more than 20ish hrs a week and NO ONE will hire me for that. I'm not wanting to go back to the job I love cause I'm not big enough to hold the animals. Its not fair I find something I like and now I can't do it. I don't know what to do now. I'm in constant pain from my back and body. I feel like nails are being driven into my spine and just working a lil totally wears me out. I'm just sick of everything. Since the economy is totally fucked I have NO CHOICE but to get some sort of stupidass retarded job. I'll have to leave my dog at home where she'll most likely die by herself cause shes sick. I can't take her to work to be there when she does finally die. I hate these people at that clinic! They have ruined EVERYTHING! I should have quit long before now because I KNEW they'd fire me for some bullshit reason eventually. I'm just fucked and I don't even begin to know where I'm supposed to look for a job. I called my Rehabilitation caseworker but he's not there now and they didn't even want to talk to me much less help me. I'm in a horrible place in life right now and I can't afford to even go to therapy now. Whatever, I don't even care anymore. I probably deserve all this for some reason. I'm sure I did something wrong to deserve this now.

So apparently, I've spoken to every agency in the us about firing me stating I was "too little" to do my job and the fact that thre days before that the comment about my being dyslexic, there is nothing ANYONE can do because this clinic employes less than 15 people. I can still file a civil suit against them but, why do I even want to bother? She could have said ANYTHING! Say "your performance is slacking off" or "you havent been doing your job to our satisfaction." But, NO, she said "you're just too little." I'm so pissed! The really worst part is I had no clue I was going to be fired. I had asked her straight up if she had plans to fire me. I'd been offered a job at another clinic 5 mins from my house and worked there for 3 days to try it out but decided that the free vet care I had at the other clinic was worth staying there for. I am an idiot plain and simple!
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