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ok pics then

OK so its either these boots

or this....

Orrrrr this....

Mandy (moonlightfaerie) Says "get them all!" I suggested she buy them for me then and she says "Maybe just get one?" lol Then she changed her mind completely and said Matt should buy them for me cause I deserve them. She's right but for now lets pick which one I want FIRST :oD
ETA: I thought I'd show y'all pics of Mandy's BB Cierra. Mandy used to chat with us in the ED room (neonangel4002 or something like that I don't remember #'s that well). (EDITED OUT TMI) I go see her as much as I can but she lives practically in Louisiana and its not a short drive. I'm planning to go next week when I'm off thurs and fri. After all I'm Cierra's Aunt Mandi :oD

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